Name: Theon

Age: 40

Race: Human

Birth Planet: Vida

Specialties: Natural leader, mechanical engineer, philosopher and inventor.

Name: Oskar

Age: 27

Race: Eleusine

Birth Planet: Cordus Sol

Specialties: Mechanical engineer, cloud-surfing and marksman.

Name: Ocher (Onboard Computer Representative)

Age: 109

Race: Bot

Birth Planet: Cordus Sol

Specialties: Computer system for maintaining a ship’s internal operating system.

Name: Lucinda

Age: 32

Race: Rockfolk

Birth Planet: Durus Petra

Specialties: Mechanical engineering focusing on weapon systems.

Name: Griffin

Age: 14

Race: Bot

Birth Planet: Cordus Sol

Specialties: A bot designed for use in the mines of Cordus Sol.

Name: Darby

Age: 53

Race: Waterkind

Birth Planet: Hydraulica

Specialties: World-renowned language expert and translator.

Name: Coda

Age: 25

Race: Human

Birth Planet: Verbrand

Specialties: Ace pilot that’s been digitized and loaded into a Griffin unit.

Name: Xalbador

Age: 36

Race: Exokin

Birth Planet: Sulu Velusa

Specialties: Expert in all things computers, especially programming and hacking.

Name: Damiana

Age: N/A

Race: N/A

Birth Planet: N/A

Specialties: A mysterious being with extraordinary supernatural powers.

Name: Keeper of Sands

Age: 77

Race: N/A

Birth Planet: Sulu Velusa

Specialties: Commander
of the Sulu Velusa
rebellion force called Guardian’s Shield.

Name: Guardian’s Shield

About: One of the last resistance groups defending freedom from the Spiral.