The Vinyl Flies


We're proud to announce that our house band, The Vinyl Flies, has released their entire discography for the first time ever, and it's now available for all to enjoy. You may stream the music for free straight from our website, or if you prefer, the catalog is also available from your preferred, fine music retailer like iTunes and Amazon. We have limited control over the pricing of these multiple outlets, so be sure to do some window shopping to select which retailer is best for you. Surf on over to the new music section to get a sample of what is available for your listening pleasure.

  Little Typhoon


As the follow-up to the ambitious Black Sand Drift, Little Typhoon aims to stand in stark contrast by being simple, small and generally minimalistic. Created for the Game Boy Jam 5, be sure to give it a shot as it’s available for free and playable in your browser!

Black Sand Drift


After years in development, it’s our pleasure to announce that Black Sand Drift has finally been released! With 25 levels, a 2-disc original soundtrack, an art book and more, there is plenty of content to dig into. If you’re ready for a SHMUP of a different color, the game is available for purchase on STEAM and

  Phantom Roar


Phantom Roar is an ideal example of what we strive to accomplish with our HTML5 games; very short experiences with unique and interesting gameplay. Play in your browser now!

  100% KaiJuice


Fight a giant, vomiting orange in Echo Hall Studio’s first browser-only game.