Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Black Sand Drift OST

Release Date: September 16 2016

Description: Accompanying Echo Hall Studio’s first commercial video game release, this 2-disc set of music spans the spectrum of diversity; from the gritty Tongue Chew to the melodic and catchy All Turned Around, this double album proves video game soundtracks can transcend the norms.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Smiles EP

Release Date: July 4 2014

Description: Smiles was written and recorded to pay homage to the late, great, creative unit Nirvana. With heavy sludgy guitars combined with thunderous guttural singing, the goal was to provide a peek into the late 80's/early 90’s musical sensibility.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Pretty Frost LP

Release Date: November 2 2012

Description: Beginning with a piercing and sporadic onslaught of energy--then finishing with a lighter, poppier approach--Pretty Frost accompanies the listener through a unique sonic transcendence.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Strange Lights Volume I

Release Date: October 26 2012

Description: A modest look from the cutting-room-floor, spanning The Vinyl Flies’ discography from 2007 to 2012. While these tracks ultimately failed to make the cut, they help to connect the dots of The Vinyl Flies’ legacy.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Off Borrowed Time LP

Release Date: July 9 2010

Description: The Vinyl Flies’ third LP sounds like resurrecting death from the grave, and it's a more lo-fi effort containing songs tinged by the undead.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: The New Salvaged Tape Archive EP

Release Date: February 5 2010

Description: Leading up to the release of Off Borrowed Time, this quaint collection of tunes captures the melancholic landscape yet to come.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: The Vinyl Flies LP

Release Date: December 19 2008

Description: The self-titled album from The Vinyl Flies paints with lush, dreamy vistas, peppered with contradictory lyrical gymnastics.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Willowish EP

Release Date: August 1 2008

Description: An EP containing some odd demos from the upcoming self-titled LP.

Artist: The Vinyl Flies

Album: Spooky LP

Release Date: September 28 2007

Description: The debut from The Vinyl Flies assembles its lineup with traditional musical foundations infused with country lemon-wedges; a refreshing but familiar concoction, with a kick.