The Setting

For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro galaxy and its citizens have struggled under the heavy hand of maniacal, mechanical bots called Spiral. As the metallic army's relentless pursuit of the resource Black Sand begins ramping up exponentially, a few brave heroes decide to fight back.

The Kotiro Galaxy

Much of Kotiro’s history has been one of hardship and adversity. Since AA3100, the authoritative and imposing Spiral have been the sole architects of Kotiro’s destiny—and unfortunately—little care has been given regarding the average citizen’s wellbeing. However, many of the institutions of pre-enslavement-Kotiro remain intact, creating pillars of hope among the otherwise bleak and hopeless grays of the current circumstances.

Cordus Sol

As the planet closest to the sun—and only known source of Black Sand—Cordus Sol has seen much activity in its last 300 years; everything from the many mining camps peppered throughout the desert, to the early battles between Humanity and the Spiral. It is here that the City of Research and Development resides, and where Spiral-appointed-engineers are persuaded to work for their cause, often by threats of violence against loved ones.

City of R&D

The City of Research and Development—being a symbol of optimism and creativity—was quickly commandeered by the Spiral upon their arrival, partly to illustrate its power and unabashed will to crush without mercy. Such cities are still prevalent around Kotiro, but are mere shadows of their once thriving communities.

Memoria Machine

In addition to processing Black Sand and maintaining its own superiority in the galaxy, the Spiral—in secret—have tasked several engineers and thinkers with designing and creating a communication device called the Memoria Machine. Theon and Oskar—whose contributions have seen the project to completion—are forced to use the machine to send data on Black Sand and its location to a particular position in space and time; does this imply the Spiral are but a puppet for something even more fantastic?


Having used the Memoria Machine to send data into the past—as was ordered by the Spiral—Theon and Oskar also use the device to ping the future, and are surprised when they realize they’ve intercepted the brain-scan of a pilot by the name of Coda. It must be fate, however, as Coda’s ability to pilot a Spiral ship (called the Tilda) comes in handy after they realize danger is imminent from misusing the Memoria Machine.

The Tilda

The Tilda and its crew bear the weight of a galaxy when grave revelations began to surface during their journey for answers.

Durus Petra

Before a failed Spiral experiment destroyed much of Durus Petra’s infrastructure, it was home to the “Cities upon the Crags”; a famous, mountainous region where spherical houses floated peacefully among the cloud-sprinkled mountain peaks. It is here that people would flock to relish in the planets rugged beauty from within the skies. While not as thriving as it once was, many of the floating homes remain intact even after the experiment that decimated much of the planet.

Cities of Defense & Academia

The two large cities of Durus Petra—the City of Defense and the City of Academia, whose existence is well known throughout Kotiro—remains active even to this day. In the center of the City of Defense stands the Bot Coliseum, an event center where inventors battle Bots in a sports-like one-on-one competition. It remains a pleasurable escape for engineers and spectators alike.


With most of its surface submerged in water, the 3rd planet from the sun is the premier destination for those looking for a therapeutic life of boundless seas and endless oceans. The modern day Hydraulica also hides dark secrets, as the Spiral use the ocean cover to hide many of its deepest, darkest creations.

Sulu Velusa

With wildly dense forests, clear serene lakes, and plentifully diverse agriculture, the planet of Sulu Velusa has earned the nickname “The Soul of Kotiro” by all who have seen it firsthand. The land also has the notable distinction of being a haven for those seeking magic and supernatural means.

The Frozen Lands

The 5th planet from the sun is also the most inhospitable in the galaxy, with its frigid temperatures, howling winds, and incredible snowfall. While the planet’s official name is Kori, most familiar with the Kotiro galaxy call it the Frozen Lands. It is mostly vacant minus the occasional fugitive or recluse.


Legends speak of an all encompassing, all seeing God that takes the form of a great crow; such tales have been around since the beginning of time—and while many dismiss such claims as claptrap—many others have dedicated themselves to honoring Infinity and informing others to its glory.